Not a whole lot happening here, but a few small items:

The cover art for the UK edition of Mirror Sight, by April Schumacher, is up for the Gemmell-Ravenheart Award. If you like the art, click on "voting" and give it your vote!

Speaking of cover art, here is the new art for the mass market edition of Green Rider in France:

As a lead up to the North American release of the trade paperback edition of Mirror Sight On May 5th, I will be announcing the title of the 6th Green Rider novel on April 22. I'll be dropping daily hints on my Facebook page until then.

Other than that, I continue to work apace on GR6!

A Conversation with Ellen Archer and Me
Greetings! Back in June, Ellen Archer, who reads the Green Rider Series audiobooks, came up with the idea for us to have a "conversation" about our respective roles in the production of the audiobooks. I Skyped in to the audio facility at Penguin Random House in New York, while she operated out of the sound booth. The result is on Soundcloud here. Ellen sounds as fantastic as she does on the audiobooks. Me? Aaaah! In any case, go forth and enjoy. There is some pretty interesting stuff as we converse.

The annual Worldbuilders charity to benefit Heifer International, operated by author Pat Rothfuss and his minions, has been ongoing this month. Lots of great stuff, including Green Rider books are in the general lottery at the Worldbuilders site.

In addition, there are a couple items up for auction, including a long time desk companion of mine, and an Advance Reading Copy of Mirror Sight that has an introduction from me that is not in the final book. (Disclaimer: the autograph and doodle featured was printed in the ARC and appeared in all of them. It is not individually signed/doodled.) At this writing, there are TWO DAYS to bid on these items!

I hope you will take a look at all the fabulous stuff available. Heifer International is a terrific organization. Hope everyone has had a great fall, and ho ho ho!

Cavalier Vert in France
A few posts back I showed off the new cover for Cavalier Vert (Green Rider) in France. Now my publisher in France, has issued new covers for First Rider's Call and The High King's Tomb.



It's really exciting to see what take an artist has on my stories. I'm quite digging Karigan's armor on the cover of The High King's Tomb. Bravo, Bragelonne!

Upcoming Signing
I will be signing at the Mesilla Valley Mall's Barnes & Noble in Las Cruces, NM on August 9, at 1:00 p.m. Come by and say hi!

Edit: I previously had a link up to the event on the page, but for some reason it was showing the event cancelled. To the best of my knowledge, the event is NOT cancelled. I am at this time planning to be there unless I hear otherwise. If I do hear otherwise, I will be sure to update everyone.

Goodies Up for Auction
In advance of my event at the Jesup Memorial Library in Bar Harbor, Maine on Thursday July 17th (NOT Friday as reported in some news outlets), a couple items are up for auction at eBay to benefit the library, a non-profit institution that has served Bar Harbor for over 100 years. It is a public library that is privately funded, and could use your help in keeping up to date with the demands of the 21st century.

The items, auctioned together, are: a "doodle" by me on the title page from the Mirror Sight page proofs, and a signed copy of Mirror Sight.


An Evening of Bookish Frivolity
Come one, come all, to the Mirror Sight book party at the Jesup Memorial Library, July 17 at 7:00 p.m.

Cosplay is welcome! The evening will include a reading from the book, signing, "reflection", and other frivolity.

Books for signing will be provided by the venerable Sherman's Books, purveyors of fine reading material since 1886. A percentage of sales from books purchased at the event will be donated to the library. If you can't attend, but would like a signed copy of any Green Rider Series book, please contact the Bar Harbor Sherman's at 800-976-3161.

If you are coming to beautiful Bar Harbor from out of town, lodging (everything from B&Bs and chain hotels to campgrounds) and area information can be found at:

State of Maine Tourism Office
Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce
Southwest Harbor Chamber of Commerce
Mount Desert Chamber of Commerce

And of course, while you are visiting Mount Desert Island (upon which Bar Harbor is situated), you will want to visit Acadia National Park.

Look forward to seeing you!

Underground Worlds
I have a blog post up at SFX about the (my) fascination with underground worlds and how real life experience informed details in the Green Rider Series. Enjoy!

Book Day!
At long last, Mirror Sight, book 5 of the Green Rider Series, is officially released in the U.S. and Canada. (U.K. And australia on the 15th.) Whew... Happy reading, everyone. As for me, it's on to the next adventure.

Just learned this morning that CAVALIER VERT (GREEN RIDER) is being reissued in France with new artwork. The description also makes mention of MIRROR SIGHT news. For my readers in France:

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer le retour imminent de Kristen Britain. Dans moins d’un mois sortira aux États-Unis le cinquième volet de Cavalier Vert.
Parce que Mirror Sight (c’est son titre original) sera le volume le plus épais de la série, raison pour laquelle il ne sortira qu’en début d’année 2015 en version française.
D’ici-là, nous rééditerons les quatre premiers tomes qui bénéficieront de nouvelles couvertures. Le destin du talentueux Alexandre Dainche qui est désormais lié à celui de Karigan ! Voici son illustration du premier tome, qui sortira le 21 mai !



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